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The company

In Castellaneta, kissed by the warm Apulian sun, in a countryside rich in water, we have built an innovative agricultural center (hub) consisting in 350 hectares where Lome Super Fruit grows pomegranates, chokeberries, goji berries and avocado.


We do that with love, preserving the environment and the ground. In the same place we built a very modern drying, processing (transformation) and packaging plant where we produce selected fresh fruits, juices, packed pomegranate arils and berries.


With our very short supply chain - the plant is fully surrounded by the orchards – we can process the fruits immediately after harvesting, preserving all the extraordinary healthy properties. We can guarantee (for the consumer), in strict respect of the italian and european food laws, the homogeneity of the product quality and, above all, the health of our fruits and soils.


The plant is equipped, apart from 7.000 mq cold storage rooms, with modern equipments for transformation of the super fruits, ready to be packaged and sent to the national (domestic) and foreign markets.


Bring “Lome Super Fruit – 100% Prodotto Italiano” labeled fruits onto your table easily (safely).

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