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Healthy drinking

01 July 2020

Lome super fruit «ready to eat», healthy drinking means taking care of yourself

We decided to reinvent the concept of “ready to eat” fruit, easy to eat or drink at any time of the day, for a pure wellness break.   Real energy sips for the ones who love the naturalness of fruit but never find the time to prepare a tasty and healthy snack.   Only freshly picked zero km (mile) wholesome fruit, juices not made from concentrates. We add no water, no preservatives, no colorings, no acidity regulators, no sugar added; that’s the way we mean to drink in a whole new natural way.   Enjoy the pleasant tartness of the pomegranate mixed with the intense fruity taste; experience (relish) the roundness (smoothness) of the goji berries and the Ionian land clementines;
discover the slightly sour orange taste and the pleasingly spicy taste of the fresh ginger.
  Drinking Lome means loving yourself, taking care of your body and filling up with vitamins, minerals and natural anti-oxydants, just sipping a 100% made in Apulia natural, tasty juice.

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